The ultimate digital moving concierge service for Canadians.

MoveSnap is a complete hub for all things related to moving. It was born out of the recognition that what should be an exciting milestone – moving into a new home – is far too often fraught with unnecessary anxiety, frustration, and expense.

As a real estate professional who cares, you’d like to give your clients a premium service that picks up their hand post-close and supports them all the way through their new front door. Well, now you can.

MoveSnap becomes an extension of your brand, allowing your clients to plan and simplify their move. They can use our PropTech-enabled platform to customize their move details in real-time: booking moving services, updating their government address and IDs, changing their utility services, forwarding their mail, accessing exclusive partner offers and more.

MoveSnap also assigns each of your clients a friendly and extremely knowledgeable moving concierge to answer all their questions and help them research everything from doctors and schools to shipping life-sized statues (true story) and rehoming six alpacas (also a true story).

You give your all to make sure your clients have the best. MoveSnap is the easiest way to compliment your outstanding dedication, giving each of your clients the consistent 5-star service they’ll always associate with your brand. Once they’ve had the MoveSnap experience, they’ll wonder how they ever moved without it – and why anyone would want to!

About RBC Ventures

MoveSnap was acquired by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada, in April 2018. RBC Ventures is moving beyond banking to solve common problems for Canadians, like making it easier to move. You can learn more about what we do, as well as our other solutions, at rbcventures.ca.

Ready to make the move forward together?



We know the stress of moving because we’ve been there. That’s why we’re passionate about making your move a snap.

MoveSnap was born out of the pain of what should be an exciting life event. While moving into a new home is a major milestone, it’s also fraught with frustration, sleepless nights, and an impending avalanche of tasks.

Whether it’s hours regained through maximum efficiency or hundreds of dollars in exclusive MoveSnap offers, we’re here to relieve moving stress, while saving time and money.

Our passion is to help the millions of people who change residences each year have easy, seamless moves and avoid needless stress. MoveSnap is a comprehensive support service and PropTech platform that helps you manage every aspect of your move – from updating your government IDs, to sourcing reputable movers and switching your utilities.

MoveSnap also has a live concierge team to source the right service providers, untangle the bureaucracy of a million forms, and remind movers when to notify the post office. We’ve even helped figure out how to ship life-sized lawn status and rehome half a dozen alpacas (true story and they’re very happy in their new home).

Avoid the hassles of moving, with your own digital moving concierge service.