When you move, there’s a common misconception that notifying the post office automatically notifies everyone you deal with of your new address. While the mail forwarding service is a great idea, it is only a temporary measure for a few months.
When the magic of mail forwarding wears off, your mail will continue arriving at your old address. For some of your services and ID cards, like your driver’s license, changing your address may be required by law, depending on where you live.
It’s always a good idea to start notifying organizations of your change of address before, or shortly after you move. We put together a quick address change checklist to help remind you which places you’ll need to notify.

Here’s Our Checklist of Who to Notify When you Move:

  • Driver’s License and Health Card
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Federal Government (IRS, Canada Revenue Agency)
  • Immigration Agencies (if you have an application being processed)
  • Loyalty programs (airlines, retailers)
  • Insurance Company (Auto, life, health, home, rental)
  • Doctors, dentists or other medical professionals you see
  • Place of employment, including any recent employers who may need to send you tax forms
  • Banks
  • Financial planner or investment institution
  • Anyone you may have a loan, line of credit or mortgage with
  • Credit card companies
  • Utilities, cable, phone and internet providers
  • Charities you regularly contribute to
  • Children’s school
  • Children’s doctor, music instructor, and others who provide paid services
  • Pet’s vet or groomer
  • Your alumni association
  • Any magazines, newspapers and catalogues you subscribe to

The unfortunate part is that each of these organizations have different methods to notify them.   Before you resort to phone calls or emails, check their websites and see if they allow for address updates by logging into your account. If they don’t, you can notify them by phone or even through mail. With MoveSnap, we put everything you need to change your address in one place so that you can easily notify these organizations and more, for free, saving you time and hassle.