Many real estate professionals market themselves as going the extra mile. And like all reasonably abstract terms, this can be defined as anything. Some historical examples of “going the extra mile” have included:

  • Performing customized exorcisms.
  • Pretending to love their clients’ pets.
  • Open House weekends during apocalyptic blizzards.

And by the way, this is all great. It may even hit the extra two-mile threshold.

The mile stops here

The problem with this extra mile-ness is that due to the all-consuming nature of the search, many new homeowners see “offer accepted” as the end game. In reality, as anyone who’s ever moved knows, the work only ramps up after the close.

That’s when the search-battered mover is suddenly faced with a 100-car pile-up of unconnected, time-draining, complex tasks involved in shutting down one household and transferring everything to another.

Then there are budgets to create, renovations to consider, and dozens of vendors to sift through. And just to compound the misery because – why not? – a number of these tasks are time-sensitive; missing the cut-off date for updating official documentation can lead to some extremely frustrating, even punitive consequences.

Cue the Mover’s Dread

It’s at the point where the sheer volume of this impending task load sets in that many new homeowners find themselves on their own. That’s because, all too often, the Real Estate Professionals who lovingly ferried them from listing to listing have raced off to their next prospect as soon as the home sale went through.

The sense of urgency that kicks in around this time is something we’ve coined mover’s dread. It’s the moment when visions of paint swatches and backsplash tiles morph into sleepless nights over logistics, costs, service reliability, and the impending avalanche of tasks.

Join the nation of Canadian movers who’ve tapped into the Snap

Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be your old bag of stress. Your Real Estate pro travels all the extra miles to see you through your new front door. They do that by setting you up with MoveSnap.

MoveSnap is Canada’s first full-service moving concierge platform that fills all the gaps between “offer accepted” and the busy first months in your new home. We’re an invitation-based service that walks you through each document you have to update, helps coordinate everything from packing to finding a moving company to decluttering, and creates a customized calendar and scheduler that can transform the chaos of Move Day into clockwork.

MoveSnap also offers exclusive savings, deals, and incentives from our partners to help save you time and money. And if there’s any task that can’t be completed through our online tool, our friendly, knowledgeable concierge service is on-call 24/7 to personally help see each task through.

Your real estate professional wants to help you have a stress-free move

Your Real Estate Professional partners with MoveSnap to make sure you’re personally looked after from the moment your offer goes through until long after you’ve settled into your new home. And they’ve invested in you for a simple reason: because they truly care.

While this may seem like the gold standard of service, we’d argue that it should simply be the norm.