Moving is generally a chaotic time for most people. Among dozens of things that need to be done and the hundreds of moving checklists out there, it can be very easy to forget to some items that may cost you money and headaches down the road. Here are the top 5 things that people generally forget to do when moving.

Update your Driver’s license

Yes, it’s true. If you forget to notify Service Ontario of your new address within 6 days of your move, you can be the proud owner of a hefty fine.  Updating your driver’s license is probably the last thing you think of when your new home is full of boxes and you cannot find a shirt to wear, but the good news is that it only takes a few minutes to make the change either online or at any Service Ontario location.

Forward Mail

The post office offers a great service that allows anyone who is moving, to forward their mail to their new address for a certain period of time. Unfortunately, it happens too often when you either forget to forward your mail. This means that whoever is living at your previous address is receiving your letters and packages. It is suggested to apply for mail forwarding at least 7-10 business days before your move to allow the system to update. There is a fee involved, depending on the time period you choose. Remember, that mail forwarding is only a temporary measure and once it expires, mail will continue to arrive at your old address, unless you notify each organization you deal with.


Notify Immigration

If you have an immigration application in process or have any matters to do with immigration or citizenship, updating Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) with your most current address is absolutely mandatory.   Failing to do so can result in arrest or detention (worst case scenario), or cause long delays with your application.

Update Vehicle registration

So you updated your license, but what about your vehicle registration slip? Forgetting to update your new address on your vehicle registration can cost you an $85 fine if you get pulled over. If the ministry does not have a current address on file, you may also not get your renewal notice for your stickers. Updating your vehicle registrations can be done in-person at any Service Ontario location.

Update Your Health card

Nothing sucks more than needing to go to the doctor or hospital and finding out that your health coverage is invalid. Your health card needs to be kept updated with your most current address in order to stay valid. Good news is that you can do it, in one shot, with your driver’s license online.

There are many more traps in the moving process that can cost you if you forget to do them. That’s part of the reason we built MoveSnap, making sure you don’t miss important things, making your move easier.

MoveSnap is a personal moving concierge, guiding anyone who is in the process of relocating step-by-step through everything that needs to be done for their move. From transferring home services like hydro, gas, cable and internet, to notifying business of address changes, MoveSnap is the hub to get everything that is moving-related done quickly and efficiently.