When your moving day is only hours away, you’re shoving stuff in boxes and your entire life is in chaos. One thing that many folks forget to do is packing a tactical bag. A tactical bag contains everything you’ll need to facilitate moving, without anything you actually want to move. It helps make sure you’ve got everything you need with you on your actual moving day, so that you don’t have to dig through boxes in order to settle into your new home.

Here’s what we suggest for your tactical bag:

Sharp Objects:

Yes, that sounds dangerous, but quickly being able to access scissors or a knife makes opening taped up boxes easier. It also helps you open any new items you purchase.

Basic Tools:

A screwdriver, Allen keys, can/bottle opener, and pliers will all be needed at some point during the move, so having them on hand will save you heaps of frustration.

Cleaning Supplies:

Some basics like cleaning cloths, paper towel and all-purpose cleaning sprays will come in handy before you unpack.


Have your basic amenities (soap, toothpaste, etc.) handy.

Pet Supplies:

If you have pets, remember that they don’t have as firm a grasp of what’s going on. Keeping them fed and happy can help them avoid stress.


You’re an adult, you don’t need to justify to anyone why you need two boxes of fruit by the foot to complete your move. If anyone asks, just say something about electrolytes and cognitive functions.


This can be something that is overlooked with the break from routine created by moving. Be sure you have everything you need to make it through a couple of days.

Phone Chargers:

While it’s unlikely you’ll forget the one thing that gives your lifeline power, but just in case, remember your charger and pack extras!


It’s easier to live without cash in this digital age. However, in a new area that you don’t yet know getting to a bank in time can be hard, especially when moving. Having a little cash on hand allows you to tip your movers, and order a nice big pizza to celebrate the move.

Once you pack your bag, put it in your car so you don’t forget about it.