Selling real estate is both an art and a science. You have to be able to balance marketing activities, client relationships and deliver value every single time. But if there was thing that separated the top agents from everyone else is that they see real estate as a relationship business, not a transactional business. That’s why they’re constantly thinking about how they can add value to clients so that today’s transaction turns into 10 more in the long-term.

MoveSnap has been an incredible success for top producers and real estate teams. Many of these operations do over 100 deals per year. So why did they choose to incorporate MoveSnap into their business?

1. Differentiate in the Market

The market saturated with agents using similar marketing tactics and offering the same services (free home evaluations, great photography, etc.). To the consumer, when everything starts sounding the same, there’s only one lever they can pull – ask for a discount on commissions. MoveSnap helps teams and top producers add another value added service – one that both buyers and sellers will benefit from and care about when making a decision to buy or sell their home.

2. People Choosing Experiences

Why are Uber, Amazon and Starbucks winning by leaps and bounds?  That’s because people today choose great experiences over products or services. The home buying / selling process is difficult and stressful experience, which is why your clients hire an agent.  Moving and closing logistics are the most complex and stressful times for clients, with hundreds of tasks to be completed and massive time pressures.  MoveSnap helps teams simplify one of the most complex and stressful parts of the process for clients, creating a experience they’ll appreciate and remember.   Long-time top producer Lenard Lind Lind says “MoveSnap helps us deliver a stress-free experience to our clients and ensure their move goes smooth”.

3. Sweet Spot for Word of Mouth Referrals

The time period between when a deal is signed and closing is when your client’s friends and family ask them about their experience with their agent, opening up a unique opportunity for great word-of-mouth. After your clients moved into their new home, most of the conversation shifts to talking about their house. MoveSnap helps teams take advantage of that unique opportunity by continuing to add value and keeping the agent and their brand engaged, well after the deal is signed.

4. Easy to Implement

There’s never a lack of new technologies and programs for agents to try.  Most teams have long lists of priorities and some can take months to incorporate. Most our clients are shocked when we tell them they can get up and running on MoveSnap in under 24 hours. They’re even more shocked when their first client they’ve used MoveSnap with sends them a raving review.

5. Focus on Growth

Many teams are hiring or adding more admins and even a concierge to help clients through the transaction. Moving can get very complex and a certain expertise is required to help clients through various situations.  At MoveSnap, this is all we do. We know moving and have assisted over 10,000 clients have their smoothest move ever. MoveSnap’s concierges are highly experienced in everything to do with moving and closing and can delight your clients at a fraction of the cost.
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