Looking to boost your reach through social media, get more leads and engage audience with your business? We’ve collaborated with Zoocasa to list 5 social media tips for real estate agents today.

In the hot Toronto real estate market, it can be difficult to stand out from your competition. As a result, social media emerged as one of the most important tools for lead generation for agents. But maintaining an effective online presence takes thought and strategy. Here are some tips on how you can stand out from the competition.


1. Use better hashtags

Hashtags are a tool to help social media users discover posts in related topics and can be a very powerful engagement tool if used right – but it’s important they contribute to actual lead conversion, rather than just increased social media likes.

The most important thing to consider is not using generic hashtags that every real estate blog or agent is using. Skip the redundant #realestate or #realtor hashtags and use ones that are tailored to your specific niche. For example, these could be #[specific neighbour], #[real estate team name], #[target city], or anything that specific enough to attract the right type of clients. Make sure to experiment with different hashtags and see which post has better conversions on leads.

2. Be active on social media

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you plan to have a social media presence, you better be active on all the platforms. This means making sure the message across all your social media platforms are consistent and high quality. This will elevate your image as a realtor and consistently keep your audience engaged, regardless of the platform they are finding you on.

With the proliferation of live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, you should take advantage of these tools to better engage with your audience. This could mean live broadcasting the open house you are hosting or showing a luxury property that you have just listed.

3. Post your listings, but not too much!

This may seem like another obvious point, but is often executed poorly by realtors. When posting about your listings, adhere to the golden ratio of 80/20 when creating your content. That means 80% of your post should be related to community, lifestyle and customer’s interests, while 20% of your content should be about your product. No one wants to see new listings of Toronto condos every day from your social media feed. You want to keep your audience engage with relatable content while still inserting the occasional advertisement for your listings.

4. Use Facebook Ads

The advertising suite provided by Facebook is expansive and can be daunting. The most important element you have to consider is the type of audience you want to target in your ads. Another strategy to consider with ads is using geo-targeted ads that focus on the specific neighbourhood or area you are trying to sell in.

Promoted posts will give your content a small boost by sharing it with a number of Facebook users. This helps bring your content in front of your followers’ friends, increasing the range of your reach. Keep in mind that you should also set up a dedicated business page for professionalism reasons and to gain access to the full suite of ad tools.

5. Engage with clients

It is not enough to just post content actively on your social media accounts – you must also engage directly with your audience. This can involve replying to comments and questions from both current and prospective clients. The idea is you are trying to foster a community of followers on your social media platforms, so make sure it isn’t just about you and your listings.

Make your content interesting and informative to teach your audience something about real estate or the current market trends. Quality and informative content can help build your reputation as a solid and knowledgeable realtor in the city.

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