Few professions demand the same time commitment, dedication and versatility as real estate.

The hours you and your realtor spend in the car – shuttling from listing appointments to open houses, talking about life, love, and the ungodly state of the market – is but the tip of the iceberg. Then there’s the pile of off-hour tasks they need to fulfil, market trends to keep up with, legal knowledge they must possess, and Baroque-level expertise in interior design that make up just a few more reasons you can’t move without one.

Like a duck furiously paddling its feet below the surface, here are five ways your realtor is hustling to make magic happen behind the scenes.

1. They know their stuff

In addition to the physical work of taking clients around, any good realtor is expected to be well versed in the latest market trends, have their neighbourhood research on point, and keep on top of prospects by spending their off hours driving around to new listings. They’re constantly learning and staying current on their skills, not only to give you the best information available, but to protect you from dirty deals.

A knowledgeable realtor is your best shot at finding – and landing – your dream home, and all that knowledge is the result of the studying they do around the clock. 

2. They’re master marketers

A stellar reputation and high-volume sales don’t just happen on their own. When they’re not being amazing at their actual job, top realtors are also refining their proficiency at an additional high-skill profession: marketing.

All the realtors with familiar names and faces got there because they know the best ways to promote their listings and themselves. They’re wizards at directing as many eyeballs to a property as possible – whether they’re building out beautiful websites, arranging for 360-degree videos, pumping out engaging content on social media, or building their own podcast audience.

By the way, this is a full-time job on its own for most people. Think about that.

3. They take care of you more than you even know

Any realtor can get you a new home. That’s literally their job. But for all they do for you before the home sale goes through, does any of it really matter if they leave you stressed and on your own once the cheque clears?

That’s why the realtors who truly help behind the scenes make sure they take care of you all the way to the end. They do that by investing in extra services, like MoveSnap, to help you complete all your moving tasks – everything from updating your address to finding a mover and figuring out what to do with all your junk.

Your realtor wasn’t obligated to provide any of these extras, by the way; they did something far beyond what they had to do. From Day One, these are the pros who’ve differentiated themselves, remained consistent and gone all the extra miles for one reason: because they truly care.

4. They’re battle-hardened warriors

Good realtors are your biggest advocates in the tense, smoke-filled, movie cliché war room we like to imagine when we’re waiting to hear if our offer has been accepted. They go in with their well tailored sleeves rolled up, ready to fight the good fight. It takes grit, smarts, and resilience to negotiate a buyer’s advantage in a seller’s market. Imagine a TV lawyer tipping the scales to win an impossible case and you have a sense of the skills required to handle this part of their job.

5. They keep you cool, calm, collected and adorable

This is what realtors have to spend an hour looking at to decompress each day after keeping everyone cool, calm, collected, and adorable.

Have you ever tried to manage the emotional resonance of 10 anxious puppies on the very fringes of their last nerves who have just spotted an industrial-sized bone? That’s what it can be like for a realtor trying to keep their client roster calm during the agonizing process of finding a home. Keeping you hopeful and even-keeled in a market run amok is a skill set usually demanded of PhD-level psychologists; it requires just the right balance of compassion, realism, and – occasionally – tough love. Learning how to hit these notes takes years of experience and hours of decompressing with internet cat videos after they drop you off from a showing.

Your realtor works magic behind the curtain to give you the home – and move experience – of your dreams with MoveSnap.

While you may have taken these things for granted, now you know you have one of the good ones if you’ve been nodding your head in recognition through this list. That’s why we’re acknowledging these behind-the-scenes champions today for all they do!