As your moving experts, we always aim to make your move as smooth as possible. That’s why we are constantly improving our platform so we can deliver an all-around better moving experience for you. 

Based on user feedback, we have created a more user-friendly dashboard, while allowing further personalization to each person’s specific move. These changes go live the evening of July 6th. 

Ok, so you might be thinking, that sounds great, but what will it actually look like? Well, we might be biased, but we think it’s extremely beautiful (and well, a snap to use!). Let’s take a stroll through it.

What are the changes?




For Homeowners and Renters 

In order to make the platform more intuitive, streamlined, and customized, we have made the following updates:              

  • A new multi-panel dashboard:  We have re-organized the dashboard into three sections – Moving, Task List, and Task Details – so you can get a bird’s eye view of everything you need to do. 
    1. Moving: Keeps all of the relevant information, tools, and offers in one convenient section. 
    2. Task list: A clear and intuitive way to keep track of what needs to be done with a simplified way to mark tasks as complete, a progress bar, and a more instinctive starting point.
    3. Task Details: Dive deeper into your tasks with detailed information about your to-dos, as well as a complete list of relevant moving offers. 

Eyes on the prize: We have tweaked the platform so “Moving” and “Task List” sections are always on screen, so you always have the right tools and info at hand while knowing what needs to get done next.


For Our Real Estate Partners 

At MoveSnap, representing your brand throughout your clients’ moving journey is a responsibility we do not take lightly. That’s why we never stop improving our platform. Here’s how our latest updates will impact you: 

  • Personalized Offers: We’ve included personalized offers bespoke to your client’s moving context, available with a single click.                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  • Added Brand Op: We’ve incorporated your branding into the dashboard section to reinforce your role in their moving journey. 

While your own partner dashboard will remain unchanged, you can check out the new user dashboard when accessing “Client Demo” from your account. (Don’t worry, all data and completed tasks entered by users will continue to be visible on the new dashboard.) Feel free to contact your Partner Success Manager for a product tour, or log into the platform to see it yourself. Whether you or your clients are moving, our new portal was made to give you the best possible experience. 

Get excited, because these changes are the first of many planned throughout the year so stay tuned in for more cool updates coming your way. 

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