With summer in full swing, it’ll be more than coolers getting packed as thousands of Canadians prepare to move. For them, the season will be a culmination of intense planning, packing, and (let’s be honest) stressing. A recent survey we conducted indicated that more than half of Canadians who moved in the past year found moving and packing the most stressful steps of the whole moving process (more stressful than the home search itself!), and three in 10 wished they had hired a better professional to help, particularly a professional packer/mover.

When your clients prepare to move to a new home, it can be an exciting, as well as overwhelming experience. As we head into summer – the busiest moving period of the year, you want to minimize your clients’ challenges with expert guidance, education, and support. Thanks to MoveSnap, you can provide all that and more, without ever breaking a sweat (or lifting a box). When your client accepts your special invitation to use MoveSnap, they are joining more than 125,000 Canadians who have successfully moved using MoveSnap. 

From answering frantic calls about moving truck cancellations to sending reminders to transfer home utilities services, MoveSnap helps ensure your clients have a great moving experience. All you’ve got to do is buy the housewarming gifts (we can help with that, too, by the way.) 

How MoveSnap can help your clients

Your clients are accustomed to your personalized approach — it’s one of the many reasons they love working with you. By offering MoveSnap’s premium service, you’re extending that same care to their moving plans. With MoveSnap, your clients access smart, intuitive tools to guide them through every step of the process.

If you haven’t sent your clients an exclusive MoveSnap invite yet, now more than ever, is the time. 

Invite my clients to MoveSnap

Here are six brilliant ways MoveSnap helps you and your clients during this busy moving period – and beyond:

     1. Automated Communications

MoveSnap helps your clients stay organized thanks to our automated email feature. Timed to coincide with their moving to-do list, and chock full of expert tips and reminders, there’s no need for them (or you) to Google “how to prepare for a move without losing my mind.” 

For residents preparing to move, MoveSnap’s automated emails will arrive in your client’s inbox at key milestones: six weeks and three weeks before moving day, the week of the move, and one day before the move. To ensure they’re settling in, MoveSnap also sends follow-up emails three weeks and six weeks after move-in day.

     2. Connect with Your Clients in a Snap

In addition, there’s the option to send your clients messages from their favourite real estate pro (yes, that’s you). These are also automated for your convenience (one less thing to check off your to-do list!), and can be customized with your signature to add a personal touch. 

Check in with your clients and see how they’re enjoying the new home two weeks and three months post-moving day. Special greetings can be also sent on their one-year “new home” anniversary and birthdays. Plus, we’ll send a survey on your behalf to solicit feedback and testimonials on their experience – which could boost your referrals. 

     3. Concierge On Demand

Once your client sets up their MoveSnap account, they have a dedicated live concierge (an actual human! In Canada!) at their service. From how to rehome alpacas (true story) to where to source a dentist in their new neighborhood, MoveSnap’s live concierge provides your clients the answers, so you don’t have to. 

Think of the concierge as your client’s personal moving guru fielding questions and lending an empathetic ear, so you can focus on your business knowing they’re well taken care of. Our moving specialists are available by phone, email, chat, or text to answer any question your client, or you, might have. 

     4. Easy-To-Use Dashboard

Here’s a not-so-fun-fact: In that aforementioned study we conducted with Canadians who have just moved or plan on moving, we found three in five of them find professionals individually, and consider the real estate professional and packer/mover to be the most important roles, while 57 per cent of plan to find each professional individually along the process. Our easy-to-use, configurable dashboard simplifies that whole process, enabling them to source and hire professionals from one spot, as well as execute their moving tasks right from their favourite device. 

     5. Trusted Moving Services

Your clients want to ensure their valuables are delivered with care — from Great-Grandma’s antique vase collection to the grand piano for their musically gifted child prodigy — knowing who to trust with their possessions is paramount. Clients can choose from MoveSnap’s list of movers and service providers, get quotes, and schedule right from the platform. Every provider MoveSnap recommends is vetted and approved based on their top-notch service. So, you’ll never receive a panicked call from your client because their moving truck didn’t arrive. Can it get any easier? 

     6. Last Minute Tips

Your client’s big day will be here before you know it! Remind them to pack snacks and water to stay hydrated (now they can pack the cooler). If they don’t have time (or groceries) to pack a lunch, they can pre-schedule food delivery with a MoveSnap partner vendor. Where’s the best takeout in the new ‘hood, anyway? 

Moving Day Hero

We want the spotlight to be on you when your clients wrap up a successful moving day with relief and gratitude for all your assistance. MoveSnap’s first-class service portrays your brand as professional, polished, and irreplaceable. We’ve even got a built-in testimonial engine to capture all the nice things customers say about you (oh, go on…)

So, what are you waiting for? You have the (super) power to help make your clients’ moving day a snap with MoveSnap. Send an invite today.

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*This report is based on an online conversation-style survey, in English and French, with 201 Canadians across Canada who have moved in the past year or who plan to move in the next year. The survey was conducted in Toronto, ON between January 4-12, 2022.

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