The real estate transaction is nothing short of an emotional rollercoaster for your buyers and sellers.  One second they could be on cloud-nine because they fell in love with the 29th property you took them to, the next they’re ready to toss their phone across the room because they lost their tenth bidding war.
The journey is full of feel-good moments.  Finding your clients’ that needle in a haystack property,  or popping open a bottle of champagne to celebrate a record sale.  It feels awesome!   At the same time, when we encounter negative moments, we avoid them like the plague.
Those bad moments are actually when your client needs you most.  As Valerie Garcia, who spent the last 18 years teaching realtors to be their best mentions in her blog, your job is not just to make the deal happen. It’s to be there for them through the good, bad or darn ugly.  Why?  Because we are quick to forget those who were there for us when things are great, but vividly remember those who were there for us in our worst moments.
By far, the most difficult part of the home buying or selling journey is moving day.  It’s a time where their entire life sits in boxes and stress levels are beyond imagination.   The mover runs late, something breaks or the key to your new place won’t work.  Moving is the third-most stressful life event after death and divorce.   Don’t believe me? How many clients you’ve heard say that this is the LAST TIME they ever move?
This is your chance to be the hero and turn this situation into a story that your clients will remember for years to come.  How could you turn this horrible day around?  It’s dead simple. Be there for your clients.  Drop in with a pizza and drinks, show up and offer to help lift boxes for a half hour, or simply check in and offer to help.
I’ve spoken to dozens of agents who have ‘systemized’ something special they do for their clients’ on moving day and each time they’ve seen incredible results.   From getting referrals when neighbours see you carrying boxes and asking “who’s that?”, to creating good will that has your clients raving about you to their friends and family.
In the service business it’s the little things that count, especially when you deliver the unexpected.  Your client won’t remember you negotiating till 3am to get them an extra $5,000 for their home.  They will remember you showing up at the moment when they are ready to jump off the balcony.   So give it a shot.  Show up for your next clients’ move day.  Deliver value and show that you care.  Make the effort and I’m confident you’ll start reaping the rewards.