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Our platform helps you deliver end-to-end moving support to your clients while making you their favourite real estate professional ever, without the heavy lifting.

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Frequently asked questions

How does MoveSnap work for brokers and agents?2023-03-27T14:50:32+00:00

MoveSnap is a platform that helps brokers and agents maintain a 5-star client experience with their clients. Our real estate platform helps your clients at any step of their moving journey, from when they’re looking at homes to after they’ve moved in.

Our helpful moving tool enables your clients to plan, organize, and action their move, while keeping the lines of communication open for you using automated email templates and a moving concierge service. MoveSnap makes it easy for you to stay involved with your client throughout their move and beyond.

As an extension of your brand, MoveSnap provides your clients with the consistent, one-on-one service that has primarily been associated with only the top luxury companies. Professionals who’ve added MoveSnap to their roster have reported glowing reviews, improved brand reputation, and an ability to grow their real estate leads with referrals.

How does MoveSnap work for my clients?2023-03-27T14:51:17+00:00

MoveSnap was designed by a team of real estate and PropTech leaders to provide Canadians with much-needed moving support for an easier, less stressful moving experience.

This means every detail that bogs down the moving process⁠—from changing your address to getting quotes from moving companies to setting up internet plans⁠—has been considered and presented on our digital platform in a way that makes it easy to keep track of the details, organize their schedule, and manage their budget.

We also know that every person who moves has unique needs and wants, so we assign a live customer support specialist, our moving concierge, to help with research, questions, or even a good old-fashioned shoulder to lean on during the frenzy of the moving period.

How does this improve my brokerage’s brand?2022-04-05T18:13:40+00:00

Managing your brokerage’s brand is a full-time job on its own. Clients are looking for a brand name with a consistent word-of-mouth reputation for luxury and excellence. They want to know they’ve made the right choice on what is likely the biggest purchase of their lives. As brokers, you know this reputation is worth its weight in gold. After they’ve been given a premium experience, clients are more likely to use you for their next move or recommend you to their friends.

Real estate tools like MoveSnap are smart value-adds that set your brand apart in an increasingly competitive real estate market. They increase the likelihood of real estate referrals and solidify your reputation for consistent service excellence. But perhaps most importantly, our tool for real estate professionals helps manage your client’s move, letting you focus on your next prospects after you close their deal, knowing your clients are in good hands.

Can MoveSnap be white-labelled?2023-03-27T14:55:04+00:00


Many of our real estate partners want to make sure their clients keep them top-of-mind during their move. We offer personalized branding on our platform⁠—you can add your headshots, logos and social media links to make it your own! We also provide you the option to activate automated emails, customized to come directly from your team to your clients.

How does MoveSnap increase my testimonials, referrals, and repeats?2023-03-27T15:16:32+00:00

Our customer service specialists often receive communications from delighted MoveSnap users who can’t thank us enough for helping them have an easy, seamless move. In all those exchanges, they express their gratitude to the partner who made it happen: You.

MoveSnap is designed to be an extension of your team, going above and beyond for your clients in your name. Our aim is to generate real estate leads, inspiring your clients to tell their friends about the exceptional extra-mile service you provide. We make it easy for them to provide real estate testimonials through our testimonial engine, which you could then potentially use in your own branding efforts, provided you obtain express consent from clients. We also offer marketing materials to let your prospective partners and clients know just what they’ll be getting when they sign on to work with you.

How much does MoveSnap cost?2022-04-05T18:29:57+00:00

We offer different pricing packages based on the number of agents at your brokerage who will be using our service, and the amount of client invitations you wish to send out. To learn more about our pricing, you can simply email us at or book a free demo here.

What is PropTech?2023-03-27T14:57:07+00:00

Property Technology (PropTech) is a term used to describe emerging digital transformations across the real estate industry.

These technologies span a wide spectrum of applications, from using machine intelligence to helping real estate professionals find the best homes for their clients, empowering those clients with tools to support their move like MoveSnap!

We’ve married our expertise in moving with a sophisticated series of property technologies that allows us to offer a personalized, intuitive moving experience for clients and a smart platform management system for our real estate partners.

How do I get MoveSnap?2022-04-05T18:17:47+00:00

Getting started with MoveSnap is easy! Simply book a demo today to speak with a MoveSnap sales representative. We will walk you through the different subscription packages, platform features, and marketing materials in a snap.