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Avoid the hassles of moving with our concierge service


Get connected to our network of real estate brokers, agents, lawyers, and home builders, so you can organize every moving task in one place, and make life a little easier.

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Have moving questions? Need to talk to a human? Our live concierge team can help!

We know who to call, where to go, and how to get it all done. No request is too big or too small. Except packing. Our lower backs don’t do packing—but we’re happy to help you find a good physiotherapist in your new neighbourhood.


Complete all your moving tasks in a snap

I don’t know what we would have done without MoveSnap! Our concierge was such an enormous support and helped us with her knowledge and efficiency. I felt I was being helped by a new friend.
MoveSnap User, Toronto, ON
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Frequently asked questions

How does MoveSnap work?2022-04-22T22:47:16+00:00

MoveSnap was designed by a team of real estate and PropTech leaders to provide movers with their easiest, most painless move ever. This means every detail that bogs down the moving process – from endless document and ID changes to notifying the post office to finding movers or renting a truck – has been considered and presented on our digital platform in a way that makes it easy to keep track of the details, organize your schedule and manage your budget. We also know that every mover has unique needs and wants, so we assign a live customer support specialist to help with research, questions, or even a good old-fashioned shoulder to lean on during the frenzy of the moving period.

Can I purchase MoveSnap without an invitation?2022-04-22T22:47:27+00:00

Unfortunately, no. MoveSnap is an invitation-based service offered by selected professionals, including real estate, as a way to ensure valued clients continue to get 5-star service after the deal on their new home has closed. While this means the service is free for you, accessing MoveSnap requires that your agent, brokerage, lawyer, home inspector or builder is a MoveSnap partner. If you’re curious whether your real estate professional, lawyer or builder already offers MoveSnap, or want to encourage them to make it part of their service offerings, please send them a quick message to make an introduction.

What happens once I receive an invitation from my real estate professional?2022-04-22T22:47:40+00:00

You’re in business! As soon as you accept the invitation, you’ll be guided through a quick onboarding process that asks you to confirm a few of your basic move details and create a user name and password for your account. After that, you’ll arrive at your personalized dashboard with all your move details plugged in and ready to go. You’ll also be assigned a personal concierge who’s available via phone or chat for any questions you may have.

What can I ask my personal concierge?2022-04-22T22:47:51+00:00

Our concierge team consists of friendly, knowledgeable moving specialists who have seen and done it all. They’re available to help you with everything from sorting the tangle of documents to update, sourcing the right internet package for your new home, and finding a reputable moving company. They’re also ninja-level experts at offline stuff like finding a babysitter for your kids on Move Day, researching reputable schools or daycares in your new area, or where to get a bunch of last-minute boxes a week before your move. Oh – and they’re extremely kind and empathetic listeners for the moments where you just need a bit of emotional support.

Are you sure this is free?2022-04-22T22:48:02+00:00

Positive. Your real estate professional cared enough to invest in our services on your behalf. Maybe you can buy them a coffee? Actually, that means MoveSnap will end up costing you around $2.

How do you use my information?2022-04-22T22:48:12+00:00

The only information we collect from you is directly related to your move: Name, current and future address, email, phone number, and the real estate partners you choose to include in your move. These details are used to help customize your Move Day dashboard and make your moving experience much easier. Any information you include in your user profile is not shared with third parties without your explicit consent. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. At any time, you can request to close your account.

Can I access my information after I move?2022-04-22T22:48:26+00:00

Absolutely. MoveSnap was designed to help you keep track of a chaotic, multi-part process that doesn’t end once you’re successfully installed in your new home. You’re welcome to continue using our platform in order to organize your new home and maintain a detailed record of your services. Also, as long as your real estate professional continues to partner with MoveSnap, you can even add future moves to your user profile and enjoy the bliss of another stress-free move.

How do you protect my privacy?2022-04-22T22:48:36+00:00

As part of RBC Ventures, MoveSnap adheres to a rigorous standard of privacy and compliance. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.