Movesnap for Lawyers

Streamline your practice
with MoveSnap

Let the moving experts take care of your clients
so you can get back to what you do best.

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Movesnap for Lawyers

Streamline your practice with MoveSnap

Let the moving experts take care of your clients so you can get back to what you do best.

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Why do I need MoveSnap?

MoveSnap gives your firm a powerful advantage

What features do we offer?

Streamline your legal practice with our great time-saving tools

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Firm-Branded Platform

Stay top of mind with a customized platform that clients will recognize as an extension of your brand.

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Live Concierge

Our expert concierge team supports clients with all their moving-related inquiries.

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Testimonial Engine

We survey clients to help collect new testimonials, which could potentially be used for marketing opportunities.

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Automated Reminders

We can send congratulatory messages to clients on your behalf after they move as a gesture showing you care.

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How do I get movesnap?

Sign up.
Invite your clients.
Let us do the rest.

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Join the community of Lawyers moving ahead with MoveSnap

MoveSnap can help your business stay top of mind with your clients and build referrals.

If you’re looking for high levels of client satisfaction, I would definitely recommend MoveSnap to any company that closes real estate transactions.

Jonathan HaCohen, Kormans LLP

We use MoveSnap because it’s a great risk management tool that ensures clients actually attend to moving their utility accounts. Plus, our clients say it’s very user friendly and helpful.

Greg Guzik, Greg Guzik Law
frequently asked questions for lawyers
How does MoveSnap work for Lawyers?2020-06-29T11:00:29-04:00

MoveSnap is a premium service that allows real estate professionals to continue their 5-star client experience long after the deal is closed. We pick up your client’s hand during the vulnerable period between closing and Move Day and help them organize and manage their move as an extension of your brand. Our personalized user portal guides your clients through each step of their move, from keeping track of government documentation address changes and setting up utilities to finding a reputable mover. We also offer live concierge support, have exclusive offers and deals from our partner vendors, and provide a survey engine that helps collect testimonials, which could potentially be used in your marketing, provided you obtain express consent from clients. Professionals who’ve added MoveSnap to their roster have reported glowing reviews and a huge boom in testimonials, referrals and repeats.

How does MoveSnap work for my clients?2020-06-25T08:39:44-04:00

MoveSnap was designed by a team of real estate and PropTech leaders to provide movers with their easiest, most painless move ever. This means every detail that bogs down the moving process – from endless document and ID changes to notifying the post office to finding movers or renting a truck – has been considered and presented on our digital platform in a way that makes it easy to keep track of the details, organize their schedule and manage their budget. We also know that every mover has unique needs and wants, so we assign a live customer support specialist to help with research, questions, or even a good old-fashioned shoulder to lean on during the frenzy of the moving period.

How does this improve my practice?2020-05-19T22:28:35-04:00

Clients are looking for a name with a reputation for consistent excellence. They also want to know they’ll be looked after during the biggest purchase of their lives and the stressful move period that follows. Offering premium services like MoveSnap supports your reputation for premium service. Our live concierge support team is also on hand any time to answer standard questions about utilities, so you can save time and get back to your core practice.

Can MoveSnap be white-labelled?2020-06-25T08:47:54-04:00

Absolutely. Many of our real estate partners want to make sure their clients keep them top of mind during their move. We offer personalized branding on our platform, and each one of our client correspondences is personalized to come from your team. We also offer the chance for you to input exclusive offers and savings from your vendor network.

How does MoveSnap increase my testimonials, referrals, and repeats?2020-06-29T09:44:57-04:00

Every day, our customer service specialists receive dozens of communications from delighted movers who can’t thank us enough for helping them have an easy, seamless move. In all those exchanges, they express their gratitude to the partner who made it happen: You! MoveSnap is designed to be an extension of your team. As a result, your clients will tell all their friends about the exceptional extra-mile service you provide. We make it easy for them to generate testimonials through our testimonial engine, which you could then potentially use in your own branding efforts, provided you obtain express consent from clients. We also offer marketing materials to let your agents, real estate partners, and clients know just what they’ll be getting when they sign on to work with you.

How much does MoveSnap cost?2020-06-25T08:45:29-04:00

MoveSnap is a subscription-based service that offers a number of client invitations per year. We offer different pricing packages based on the number of partners who will be using our service, and the amount of client invitations you wish to send out. To learn more about our pricing, book an executive call today.

What technologies do you use?2020-06-25T08:43:33-04:00

To learn more about PropTech and our technological enablement, click here.